The end of virtue signaling companies

The end of virtue signaling companies

I must confess that the title of this blog post is a bit of a click-bait. I don't believe that all companies will stop virtue signal to their customers and potential customers but I think a growing amount of companies will stop for the single reason that customers like myself are sick and tired of it.

There are so many examples of companies trying to break through the social media buzz. It is very hard to stand out today and the lazy method is to look at others and copy whatever their seemingly success story is.

However, there are just so many failed attempts. Because let's face it. Companies are not people. Companies are companies and large companies are built of lots of people and profits. They say whatever they have to say to make money and that is fair, it is part of the deal.

Somewhere along the line companies started to detect that you could simply generate goodwill by posting some meaningless sentence or changing their logotype to appear to be friendly to a specific cause. Most often, it's a "woke" cause.

woke - The act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue

The issue with virtue signaling for a specific cause is when it becomes obvious that the company in question doesn't really care it becomes bad PR and there are just so many examples of this.

The following are a few examples:

Bethesda really does care, except for the middle east where it really matters
Sony gets instant push back on Twitter
Star wars in the US vs China
Only when it suits them

My point is I hate this kind of virtue signaling and I believe I am not alone. I will personally take the only action I know and that is not to pay or consume any service or product from pandering companies. I hope you will do the same and together we may stop this trend and create a new kind of companies that don't virtue signal and only claim causes they actually care about.

So, how does one know if a company truly cares? Well. It is hard to say and it depends, like with most things in life. You yourself have to be the judge in these cases and consume products and services for companies that you think are sincere. Are international companies that have an office in say, the middle east and panders to the pride movement in the rest of the world really sincere? Seriously, I don't believe so. Are companies mainly located in Australia like Atlassian sincere when they talk about black lives matter? Nah, no way. Are companies like Basecamp sincere when they talk about remote work? Yes, in fact I believe they are. They have for many years talked about it, promoted it and released books about it. They aren't simply copying some text onto a black image and call it a day.

Personally, I have ended my Tidal (perhaps they truly care, who knows?) subscription and deleted my Reddit account and will move everything from Mozilla Firefox to Brave. But of course, I ran shreddit before deleting my Reddit account. I will stop taking those extra hours making sure my web apps work in Firefox. I already have GDPR'd my Blizzard account last year which I've had for about 15 years. I have started my process to de-google my life long ago (honestly it's still an ongoing process) and don't really consume any Disney anyway. Other than that, I think I am good for now.

"Proof" of my account deletion

Here is a shoutout to some companies I use and pay for which have not fallen to the social media pandering as of my writing:

  • Brave - web browser / mozilla and chrome alternative
  • Fastmail - A mail / gmail / outlook alternative
  • Ubuntu - operating system / windows & mac replacement
  • - steam replacement / gaming platform
  • Digitally imported - music streaming / radio
  • Digital Ocean - server hosting / aws & azure replacement
  • Ghost - blogging tool (where you are reading from)

Take action today, stop consuming from pandering companies and be the change you want to see in the world.

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