I did not create my own blog engine

As with most programmers here in this world, it is easy to get hung up on technologies instead of actually producing something of value. Blogs are the perfect examples of this. How many of you haven't wanted to start a blog but got stuck with creating your own blog engine instead of just using something that is already done and get your word out there?

I have certainly done that, over and over again. But this time I think I have managed to escape the scope creep since I decided to just use something that already existed and NOT use anything I have done myself. I also decided that using a static site generator is the best use case for this since my blog is going to be fairly simple and there is no need to have any complex setup.

Less friction

What you need, as I needed, was less friction. Less friction in handling accounts, less friction in setting up and configuring a blog etc etc. I just want to open up my editor and write. If I can do that, it is much easier to actually produce something instead of getting stuck as usual.

I assume this message has been said a thousand times, but it's true and can be said again.

I will see you later

I hope you will learn something from my blog as I will probably be publishing some tutorial or guides, partly because I want to teach others but also partly because it will be my own documentation on how to do stuff.