Never fly SAS (Scandinavian Airline Systems)

I am truly sorry to get a bit political here, but this is just something that I need to say. In the last week or so, Scandinavian Airline Systems released an ad that literally insults their main customer base.

From a product development and customer relations perspective I think this commercial really is odd. What are they trying to achieve? Who do they trying to reach? How will this help them sell more airline tickets? The commercial certainly is woke and makes me have a lot of unanswered questions. I for one made a GDPR-request to them after being a Eurobonus customer for well over 5 years and I am certainly not the only one. It seems like the marketing teams don't actually care about the company goal (selling airline tickets) but rather use their positions to push their political agenda.

The same can be said about the famous Gilette ad that were hostile towards men. Why does companies insult their main customer base and when they face major critisim then double down on their political beliefs and continue to push the same ideas even if the company goes towards a big loss in revenue (

If it is still up by you reading this (it got taken down at first, then published again) it has gotten an enormous backlash and it has over a 100k thumbs down at the time of this writing.

They are a seriously a company that makes money by taking people to Scandinavia but actively push an ideology that there is nothing Scandinavian at all. We just stole everything.

As a Scandinavian, I urge you to choose another airline company if you are traveling in Scandinavia. In the past, I've always opted for SAS but from now on I will only fly Finnair ( or Norwegian ( for my scandinavian flights. Both these airlines are great and doesn't publically urinate on scandinavia or it's people.

Thank you for not choosing SAS.

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